Line Locating

Don’t dig up your whole yard to fix your pipes. Have our experienced professionals diagnose the problem using our Line Locating Device to pinpoint a specific area.

In the past, plumbers had to make their best guess where damage or an obstruction was located. Then, they would dig up that area, hoping for the best. Nowadays, a small remote radio transmitter can be attached to the video inspection sewer camera to record the depth and location of the suspected defects and obstructions. This type of Line Locating can help to pinpoint exactly where repairs or digging should take place.

How can we do this? Well we use a Remote Transmitter along with our Line Locating Device to help guide us. Let us explain the process below.

Remote Transmitter

The remote transmitter device is a powerful, miniaturized transmitter that can be installed at the end of a sewer cable. It transmits a 512 Hz signal that can be picked up with our compatible locator, allowing the pinpointing of the transmitter’s position underground.

Line Locating Device

The Line Locating device uses multi directional antenna technology to maximize the signal strength and see a signal all the time. By moving the locator over the ground, the signal emitted from the remote radio transmitter can be marked both in front and behind. Using these together insures for a more accurate locate.


Line Locating is still not an exact science. Extremes in moisture, either too dry or overly saturated, may affect measurements. But when used together, with our experienced professional, it is a non-destructive method that allows for a no-mess, easy and accurate way to locate problems in your sewer lines and drains. Even if those problems are in cement or beneath your home’s foundation.

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