Sewer Camera Inspection

Have you ever cleaned your sewer line only to find it is plugged again a few months later? At Pro Flow Plumbing, we want our customers to see the ‘root‘ of the problem. Instead of relying on traditional drain line troubleshooting methods, video sewer camera inspection pinpoints the trouble spot and helps visually confirm the cause of the problem.

There could be several reasons for continually slow draining pipes and repetitive clogs. The process is simple: Our professionally trained technicians insert the video sewer camera into your sewer line through your ground level cleanout while you watch on our video monitor.  During the video sewer camera inspection, we enable you to see any existing problems in your sewer line; root intrusions, broken lines, foreign objects, low spots, cracked or misaligned pipes and other visible defects.

So What is a Sewer Camera?

A Sewer Camera is a video lens on the end of a strong cable. It is generally sent down a drain that is 2″ in diameter or more, but can sometimes work on lines as small as 1.5″ in diameter. They still require clear water to be able to see anything so if your line is plugged, that plug may need to be taken care of prior to seeing what could have caused it.

Depending on what we see we can then diagnosed the problem. From here we can then discuss your options.

Common Sewer Camera Inspection Issues

  • Tree Roots. This often looks like string inside the pipe. Thirsty tree roots work there way into your pipes, usually through the joint of the pipes. Sometimes we may pull 1 – 4 feet of roots out of the pipe.
  • Corrosion on the inner surface of the pipe. Some older homes, especially those built in the 20s and 30s, have cast iron sewer lines. Over time these corrode, and the metal develops pits and even flakes that can trap debris.
  • Offsets in the joints between pipes. Your sewer line is made of sections of pipe joined together. Over time, the ground outside your home can shift and settle, and push the pipes in different directions, causing breaks in the joints. This can create a ridge that traps debris and leads to a problem area.
  • Areas of pipes that have low spots. This can be caused by inadequate support under the pipe during construction and/or settling and compression of the ground above the pipe. This can often happen when after extensive landscaping is added above the pipe. We can tell that this is the problem if the camera hits pockets of water that end further on. This means that water has collected in a low point in the pipe.

Our video sewer camera inspection service is the most effective method available to locate suspected problem areas within your drain lines, so you can determine the best solutions.

Don’t just clean your sewer line, see it!

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