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Furnaces & Air Conditioners

Don’t be one of those people that find themselves stuck on the hottest day of the year with the hottest house on the ‘block’.

Most people choose to wait until their air conditioner or furnace breaks before calling for repairs or replacement, but not you! By scheduling Regular Maintenance of your heating & cooling systems you will improve the efficiency of your equipment and have little to no unexpected down time. Proper performance of your systems will reduce your utility bills, save you money, and all your equipment to reach the full potential of their system life. Regular Maintenance will prevent 99% of all air conditioner malfunctions and can be easily addressed before you are faced with bigger problems.

We can take the worry out of remembering. Just sign up for a recurring appointment with us and we will call you when it is time for your furnace maintenance to schedule it. That’s it. Sounds pretty easy. Then what are you waiting for?

Basic Maintenance Suggestions

Check the furnace filter and change it if it’s dirty to keep dust from collecting on the evaporator coil fins. Turn off the power to the furnace before pulling the filter so the blower doesn’t come on and blow dust throughout the system.

Vacuum up any dust that has collected in the blower compartment but be sure to turn the power off first.

Be sure to cover your air conditioner unit to keep it clean and free of debris. Also be sure to uncover it in the Spring before turning it on.

Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure your system is running to it’s Manufacturers’ design specifications

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