Water Tank Installation

When it comes to a Water Tank Installation you need to take into account the details for the right one for your home. Purchasing the wrong water tank can turn out to be quite the costly mistake. You may experience higher energy costs, increased spending on repair services, and a lack of hot water to satisfy the needs of everyone in your household. You may even experience a higher chance of seeking water tank replacement in the near future, doubling the amount of money you spend. While many homeowners will rush through the buying process, you need to avoid falling into a similar trap.

While it can be difficult choosing the right water heater, our team of licensed, fully-trained plumbers will help you along the process so you don’t make the wrong decision. We want to make sure you are getting a water heater with a high level of efficiency and long-lasting performance.

Warning Signs You Need a New Water Tank Installation

  • Your tank is older than 10 years. This risks higher costs on energy and repair service.
  • You recently added new plumbing fixtures to your home, increasing hot water demands.
  • You are constantly running out of hot water when showering, doing laundry or washing the dishes.
  • When you first turn on your tap you have some brownish, dirty water coming from your faucets.

We can ensure you get the right system for your home. We can supply and install a highly efficient hot water tank that will provide long lasting performance and meet all your hot water needs.

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Electric or Gas Tank Installation

To determine if a gas or an electric tank installation will meet your needs.

Electric Water HeaterGas Water Heater
generally cost less to purchasecost more but usually less in the long run to operate
easy to maintainmust be vented outdoors for safety
requires no combustibles or ventingunits with sealed combustion or power venting increase safety
heat water quicklynot affected by power outages (tank styles only)
offer high energy factor ratings
Storage Tank or Tankless

To determine, when considering your tank installation, if you should go with a storage tank or without one.

Storage TankTankless
constantly stores heated waterheats cold water with a gas burner or electric element as it passes through the water heater
economicallarger up-front cost
good for steady, high-use demandsexcellent option for residences occupied part-time
capacity ranges from 20 to 60 gallonshangs on wall and frees up space
efficiency varies between models, brands and fuel sourcesprovides continuous hot water
reduces energy consumption by as much as 30%
gas heaters may require venting
can be one large unit (whole house) or individual units where hot water is used (point of use)
Determine Water Heater Capacity

To determine, when considering a storage tank option, the proper capacity for your household. You need to base it on the number of bathrooms and bedrooms in your home. These options are for a storage tank option. The wrong size can lead to poor system efficiency and a shortened lifespan for your tank due to breakdowns.

Number of bathrooms 1 to 1.5 2 to 2.5 3 to 3.5
Number of bedrooms 1232345345
Minimum tank size20304050505060506060

To determine the size of a tankless water heater you would need to calculate how much water you need to use at one time. Such as running dishwasher, laundry and shower at the same time.

Type of Tank

Power VentConventional Vent
induced draft uses PVC ventingone of a kind air shut off device
designed for installation flexibility, vent runs up to 100ftmaintenance free, no filter to clean
energy efficient